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You love playing bingo but you don’t think its exciting enough because you miss the part where people can speak with each other and see each other!
Then you’re at Bingocams at the right place because at Bingocams have webcams, you can play all online bingo games with your friends and chat and cam with each other.

And if you register NOW you get 5 euro DIRECT FREE in your bingocams account and you can play right away, so you can do it all for free and test before you start. It’s very simple to play and you can choose to play for free or for real money. Downloading is not necessary because the game works through flash which means you can play bingo simply without any downloads. Want to play for real money then you can safely transfer from your bank or iDeal to Bingocams.

You win a prize, then the next day your money will already be in your account(working days)! So sign up and get immediately that 5 euro free and go for those big bingo prizes !! Now go to the Bingocams site and start playing bingo! Just click here! If you want to play something different for once try your luck at the online casino and play for example Blackjack, Poker or Roulette.

About Bingocams

Bingocams is a platform where players of all ages can discover a whole new way to play bingo. Bingocams does not just offer the usual bingo game, but also makes it possible to chat, with or without the use of webcams, with other players.

Private Webcam Chat

With Bingocams it is possible to chat with the webcam. Up to three people simultaneously andprivately. The application itself is responsible for marks the numbers your bingocards, so you do not have to that its going wrong. Bingocams chatrooms have as all possibilities to deal with people who have the same interest, and you can win great prizes! Fun new contacts

Live win moments Bingocams

Besides chatting with webcams get mutual congratulations after winning a full bingo card a whole new dimension to Bingocams. When a player wins, he or she has the webcam stand is in fact direct the webcam image displayed to all other players, so that all players can see instantly cheer the winner!

Live chat hosts

Bingocams has its own chat hosts, ensuring that it stays cozy in the bingo rooms, and are a direct point of contact for questions that players may have. The chat hosts also provide the necessary entertainment, making each bingo game back to an experience. The chat hosts broadcast live video and sound from the host own chat window in your application.

Explanation & Tips

When Bingocams we play bingo with 90 balls. This means that the numbers on the balls t / m 90 go. In order to play bingo, you must first create a free account and then log in to this account.

Choosing a chamber

When you log in, choose a room to play. In the room you can for example look at the number of players in the room, and the amount of the bet per card. The higher the stakes, and the more players in a room, the higher the prices that you can win.

When you are playing in a room, but want to move to another room, please click on the “bingo rooms’ that you can see. Bottom right of the screen, next to your account balance button You can use this button only when no active round, and when you bought it. No cards in the current room

Tournaments and bonuses

Regular special bingo rooms open on Bingocams with special rules and additional profits. Sometimes it is the case that there are certain requirements for the participation is made; For example, you need to be able to participate. A certain player status In these rooms will give you big bonuses andjackpots earn guaranteed to fall!

You will be informed about a special tournament or bonus through the website, the chat hosts and email newsletter

Buy cards and play!

Once you’ve chosen a room, you can buy tickets for the next round. This can be done at the top left under the ‘maps’ tab.
When the counter reaches 0, a new round begins bingo. You can see the balls appear at the top picture. When a ball on your card appears, it will automatically be noted on your card. When you have filled a horizontal line first, you win the amount in a line. When you have filled the first two horizontal lines, you win the amount that is two lines. When you first have filled the whole card, you win the amount in full card.

There are also additional prizes at Bingocams with tickets purchased by you. If you have a full card in 40 balls, you win the jackpot room. If you have a full card in 32 balls, you win the progressive jackpot.

There are also additional prizes by playing. Chat games Chat Hosts can start a chat game. Example, they can ask ‘what do you think the next ball is? “. Everyone then type their answer in the chat window. The person who first good win for example an additional price.
When someone has bingo, the round ended. There are again bought tickets for the next round.

Selecting and Buying Cards

It is only possible to buy if you’re standing. Sufficient balance in your ” and / or ‘won’ balance cards If there is already a round in progress, click the top left of the screen on ‘cards’. You can move the slider to change. Amount of cards you want to buy You will then randomly assigned cards. When the round is over, you can also click directly cards you want to buy. The card goes from color to let you know that it is selected. You will see the slider then move automatically as you have selected. Those cards If you click again on the same card, it is no longer selected. When you have selected that you want to buy, or have moved to the number of cards equal to the number of cards you want to buy the slider all the cards so you can ‘buy now’ button. You buy the cards, and participates in the next round of bingo!

Quick Buy / Autobuy

If you want to play each round it may be easy to turn the car.-Buy feature This feature ensures that you, for as many rounds as you yourself want, buy automatic tickets to the next round. The auto-buy feature works even if you are no longer online. The game then just continue without that you are present! You will find the auto-buy feature on the same spot where you normally buy your cards, top left of the screen under the heading “cards”. To activate the auto you buy:
Click on the auto-buy button. The “automatic buy tickets” screen opens. At the top of this screen you will see the room for which you are buying tickets, and the total cost over all rounds that you select in the Autobuy. Select the number of rounds you want to buy tickets. Then select the number of tickets you want to buy per lap. When you press ‘Save’ button, the cost for all cards be paid for immediately. The cards you see this appear per matchday. It is still possible to buy a round, extra cards when it is not possible to play the auto-buy, with fewer cards per round because you automatically have the maps of the auto-buy already purchased.

When you win a prize, everyone will immediately see your profile picture in picture, or if you have the software image from your webcam. Webcam to So everyone can see you cheer! You do not need to press in order to claim your price nowhere itself it is automatically added to your balance, but so easy!

Disclaimer: bingolegends.com is the official informative webpage on the official website of Bingocams, we inform about playing bingo in the Netherlands!