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Eerste bingo jackpot is gevallen!

Hi Bingo Cams player

The first room Jackpot is won by player name Atly Zwijndrecht worth 1224.45 euro freely available!

We congratulate Arly Zwijndrecht winning the Bubblegum Room Jackpot January 20 with a value of 1224.45 euro cash balance on your feet!

How do I win the Jackpot Bubblegum

This jackpot is won when you know how to obtain a card while only 40 balls or less are called for.

The Bubblegum is a good room to start. Because of the low ticket price is may the odds of winning the jackpot easily increase by
to buy multiple cards. The Bubblegum is a perfect room for your first jackpot to win!

Bingocams groot suc6

Less than a week the doors of Bingocams open but it is already a great success.
All the players are very pleased with the quality and enjoyment of Bingocams site.
Check out the many winmomenten but look at the site:-)
Very nice all we hope that everyone stays happy and that the site is only allowed to grow much greater.